The easiest way to watch Netflix on your TV


With Netflix taking the world by storm you either recently or will soon have a subscription, so the question becomes how do you get Netflix on your TV?

Of course you cloud plug your laptop into your TV with a HDMI cable, however it means finding a position close enough to your TV to connect your laptop and constantly getting up to use the keyboard to choose what you want to watch next.



A convenient and competitively priced option is to get a Chromecast to connect to your TV via one of the HDMI plugs and stream content to it via your smartphone (both Apple & Android phones are supported) over your WiFi network.

It’s as simple as plugging it into an HDMI port on your TV and give it power by plugging its USB cable into a USB port on your TV. The installation instructions are shown on the screen once you switch your TV input to the HDMI port that the Chromecast is plugged into.

You don’t control the Chromecast  directly, instead it acts as a remote device for your phone or tablet. Simply download the Netflix app for your device, log in, and hit the little square icon at the top of the screen.

This will bring up a notice asking if you want the screen to be your current device or the Chromecast. Select the Chromecast.

Click the square (highlighted in blue in the screen shot on the left) to connect to your Chromecast dongle (the icon is white but turns blue when you are connected to Chromecast), and select Chromecast as the screen on which to play your Netflix content (rather than ‘this device’).

Your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet or laptop is now your remote control for Netflix and any show or movie that you click to play will show up on your TV. You can pause, stop, and rewind the content.


You can now watch Netflix on your TV for under a $50 investment.

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